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Regular maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle running at its highest performance level, safely and reliably. We take care of all of your preventive maintenance needs.

Oil and Filter Service

We use synthetic oil and only OEM filters. This combination assures better engine performance, while protecting natural resources and our environment. Synthetic oils are more resistant to heat and stress, thus changing your oil service interval from 3,000 miles to 7,500 miles.

Tune-Up or Mid-Service

With today's modern vehicles, a tune-up or mid-service can mean different things to different drivers. We provide only the service that your vehicles requires - no more, no less.

Tire Check and Rotation

We provide this service free with every Oil Service or Brake Inspection. We also visually inspect your tires for nails or other objects that could lead to failure.

Fluid Check and Flush

Because compromised fluids can lead to unnecessary repair, we make sure they are at safe levels, and sample and test their condition. Your vehicle owners manual may specify periodic flushing of certain systems. When performing a coolant flush, we remove and replace 100% of the old coolant in your vehicle. Our equipment allows us to safely remove deposits from your cooling system that can cause leaks, ensuring that your vehicle maintains safe operating temperatures. Flushing old brake fluid can prevent leaks and ensure short stopping distances.

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